Archive for The Rebelion Metis scripting, and all forms of WinMX development.

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WinMX Replica Project
Bot Language Prototype
List Update
UPnP Port Opener
Chat.Net 0.8 Test Release 2
Chat.Net 0.8 Test Status Update
Chat.Net 0.8 Test Release
The Reasons For No New Releases
UI Concept
gr8 work sean
Chat.Net Public Beta (0.7.3+)
Chat.Net Public Beta
Chat.Net Alpha
WinmxPeer Prototype 1.4 (Termination)
Debug-Crash Info For Sean
WinmxPeer Prototype 1.3
WinmxPeer Prototype 1.2
New feature
User List Omega
WinmxPeer Prototype 1.1
WinmxPeer Prototype 1.0
User List Alpha
WinmxPeer Alpha (Not another chat client)
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